It’s a process: Awards Phase II

I’m finally gettting around to fulfilling my duties as an award participant. A few days ago, I posted Blog Awards with Barbies, which was phase one of this process. I received  awards from some wonderful people. Thanks again to zendictive, Momma’s Money Matters, The Wild Pomegranate and Aurora Morealist. If you haven’t stopped by their blogs, please do so. They are worth the look.

I would like to name my 5 top supportive commenters, as required by The (Red) Educational Shoe Award, given to me by Red at Momma’s Money Matters.

1. FiftyFourandAHalf

2.  Aurora Morealist

3. Life is a bowl of kibble

4. mj monaghan

5. Latebloomerbuds

Pass it on to yours!

I love the comments made by everyone, and these 5 have been especially kind, funny, annoying and involved recently. I thank you all for suffering through my nonsense and I hope you continue to do so under a doctor’s supervision.

Forgive me for the phases, but I didn’t think anyone wanted to read a novella, so I’m breaking it up into tiny little pieces.

13 thoughts on “It’s a process: Awards Phase II

  1. Thanks Lorre! I love reading your blog and the snark that it contains and that comes through in the comments you get. You will never get me to like Barbies, though.

    But this may be a trick award. Lookin’ at that shoe I know for a fact that something else should come with it — crutches. Cause there’s no way I could walk in THAT ruby slipper!

    Happy New Year — Happy Blogging. I look forward to sharing snark with you in the months/years/decades ahead!



    1. I forgive you for not liking Barbies. We were getting ready to give them away since my 9 year old says she is too old for them. I decided they would make great props ever for this blog.

      Oh…did I forget to tell you: You have to wear those shoes for a week. Sorry. That must have slipped my mind.

      Happy New Year to you. I will try to use the Barbies more since you love them so much. Maybe I’ll get you one for your birthday. Happy snarking and bitching!


  2. Happy New Year! I am with Elyse in the hating of Barbies…not that there are not at least 50 in this house littering every possible space and at least three Barbie shoes in my vacuum container ATM.

    And a secret you do not have to tell anyone…That is actually my shoe. I did not cut that from some department store ad display. Love LOVE love red shoes 🙂

    So, toast one for me tonight! Looking forward to the new year and all it will bring from my bloggy friends!



    1. Loving the shoe. You’ve got some taste. I wish I could wear shoes like that now, but years of heels have ruined my feet and only surgery will help. There are so many dangerous heels just waiting for me to return to them.

      I hope I can stay up until midnight. If I do, I will toast you and everyone else in this crazy world we are in. Happy New Year!


    1. Pretty much. You are very welcome.
      And…..your comment about my Barbie Award Blog made me go back and make a change. I didn’t take out content because I’m a stubborn ass and I run at the mouth, but I broke it up with cute little lines. Alas, it doesn’t make it shorter, but perhaps not as chunky…..every woman’s dream. See….I actually pay some attention to my commenters.


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