Decorated the Dinosaur

I finished my dinosaur desk with the assistance of my daughter, who selected the new paint color.

Unloved Desk
Smothered with Love

31 thoughts on “Decorated the Dinosaur

  1. So much fun! A happy desk. I find myself holding my breath wondering what will follow your post titles oh not for the faint of heart blogger bud. Gives me something to look forward to and helps with my lung capacity! XO, Margie


    1. It helps if you are a non-smoker. If it gets to be too much then seek medical attention. You can bill my health insurance. I’m sure they will send you a happy decline letter. They are really nice to read. I’ve seen a few here and there myself.


      1. Yes like biting into a new neck 🙂
        i think that your creativity holds no

        Have a dark and wicked evening 😉

        Androgoth Xx


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