Sharing my bed……..

I know….I should feel guilty, but I don’t. My hubby worked all day yesterday on my new office and all day today until he had to go to work. AND….How do I repay him? I am about to share my bed, but not with him.

 I know that I should leave things be and I probably won’t get much sleep tonight, but I guess it’s just me and the baby tonight. So much for keeping him in his crib like I always tell my hubby to do. What a selfish wife I am!

18 thoughts on “Sharing my bed……..

  1. i hope your sick husband doesn’t have to spend the long winter’s night sleeping out on the lawn in a blizzard! hope he feels better for New Year’s Eve!


  2. LOL Okay, for sure, the hair unites us, the mind unites us, the relationship thinking unites us. Hello sister from my past life or perhaps even this one, LOL I hate catching colds I don’t have to. I would totally choose the baby, too. Sorry guys. LOL


  3. Guilt is overrated. Enjoy and be damned. There will certainly be some time, some day, some minute or hour in the future when repayment opportunities will come and you will look back and say ‘oh, perfect I am now free’.


  4. I remember the occasional bed-sharing with our little ones. As I recall, our oldest daughter liked to sleep sideways in the bed with her feet in my back. She’s 22 now. Someone else has to deal with that.


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