Taking Requests…….

At the request of life is a bowl of kibble, I have created a page (Creative crap w/out Words) up above, below my lovely title, to display my creative pursuits around the house. Basically, taking something old and ugly and making it look nice…at least to me. I can’t wait to see what I can do with myself and my husband when we get really old and ugly. OR….older and uglier. Whatever!

12 thoughts on “Taking Requests…….

  1. Well there is a reason that there is no picture … and yes — I need to be redone. I am 54.5 — actually closer to 55.0 but there’s a story there. I STILL need redecorating.
    A nip, a tuck, total body sculpting. Pasting with scrapbook paper. Something. I put myself in your hands. Not for lovin’ though. This is strictly paper-ternal.


    1. Is the story that you had 54 birthdays and will be having another one soon?
      I don’t work with cutlery, but I should sure paste the hell out of you. Damn….and here I thought I had a Plan B if my hubby didn’t work out. Oh well, I guess I’ll keep him.


      1. Yeah, you can keep him — my income is not great enough to cover scrapbooking materials. But I am looking forward to being pasted. Usually at this time of year I’m looking forward to being wasted, but hey, what’s in a letter.

        And yup, my b-day is next month.


      2. Well, you certainly have to get pasted and wasted for your birthday. I know what you mean about a letter though. Drank, spank, drunk, skunk, toasted, roasted…….a lot of those go hand and hand.


  2. Oh, you’re mult-talented!!! One of my favorite things to do – find a hidden ‘treasure’ and make it come out and play!! 🙂 I’ll be keeping an eye on your new page. Love what you’ve got so far (I once bought an old trunk at an estate sale. It had been painted olive green with black ‘antiquing’…SO 70s. Anyway, I stripped the paint off and there was this beautiful solid cedar chest underneath…still treasure that hidden treasure! :)…)


    1. I love stuff like that, especially when you get it cheap or for free. I’ve gotten quite a few pieces that way.
      I give you props though. I just don’t have the patience to strip anything. I tried to strip, sand and stain an old piece of furniture and it looked horrible. Hence….cut and paste.


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