Cut and Paste Time

Writing Desk Before

So….I am getting my office. YEAH! We will start working on it Wednesday. BUT….Since I have real issues with patience, I have to find something to do. SO…..I’m going to take the “dinosaur” desk I mentioned in an earlier post and screw it up even more. After measuring the room, I discovered that my “dinosaur”, along with a small writing desk and old antique kitchen shelf I bought (overpaid) will fit nicely together. Hell, after I alter the desk, I think I’ll mess with the shelf too. I need something to do while waiting on that office.

What I do when I’m not blogging, fighting with family, eating, watching t.v, showering, or sleeping, but while continuing to drink.

AFTER: A little better

16 thoughts on “Cut and Paste Time

    1. If it were up to me, I’d sleep more, but the baby is sick now….so not much for sleeping at night.

      That desk is one I finished a few months ago. That is my small writing desk. I am going to start work on the big desk tonight.


  1. YAY!!!! My prayers have been answered, no more whining!!! Wow, did you ever transform that desk. Looks awesome Lorrelee. Keep cutting and pasting and staying out of trouble until your digs are ready for you! Margie


    1. Thanks. I’m using it right now while I do some creative damage to my original computer desk.
      I would love to post the pic. I found the area, but how? Do I link it in comments or what? I know. I know. I’m an idiot.


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