It’s hard to be an ass over the holidays. (another crappy ass cartoon)

Not everyone could fit at the table. Let me know who you think is missing.

31 thoughts on “It’s hard to be an ass over the holidays. (another crappy ass cartoon)

  1. I didn’t see Crusty Ass. He’s not a well-known member of the Ass family, but his name gets evoked sometimes in traffic, ie “Get your Crusty Ass outa my way!


  2. I love being a smart ass myself πŸ™‚ And because of that, I’ve left you a little sumpin sumpin on the blog today (well, two sumpins, sorta. LOL)


        1. Isn’t a “nosey ass” an oxymoron? I think they are smart asses. They are on my husband’s side. If they were on my side of the family they would be wise asses. We are the funny ones.


  3. I am so glad you did not invite “Grab”. He is constantly being slapped. I thought maybe this year you could invite “Hummingbird”, even if he has decided to go by “Pansy”. Meanwhile, I think I will sit with “Broke” at the kids’ table, just so I do not have to hear “Lost My” whine about it all.

    Merry Assmas!


    1. Okay…..I knew I left out a few (still not mentioned), but damn….you came up with some great ones I forgot about. I get the feeling you are no stranger to asses. AND…Please take that in the spirit it was intended.


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