Making an appearance…………..

I feel like I’ve neglected my blogging duties lately. I’m blaming the location of my computer on the slacking.

On the upside:  I have a great desk, which I love. It’s a dinosaur that I bought for $20 from our local thrift shop. Four drawers pull out to 2 feet in length and there are 2 pull-out shelves for writing. My friend wanted to murder me when I painted over the solid wood finish with pistachio green paint, but that’s what I do……kill all things in their natural state.  I’m not into reconstructive surgery. If it doesn’t look like it did in the beginning, then it’s plastic surgery all the way. I’ll throw in pageant makeup if I have to (decoupage).

On the downside:   My desk sits about five feet from the front door. The office is between the front entrance, which leads to the kitchen (or the upstairs) and the living room. There are no doors to this office…..SO…..I am clearly in hell’s epicenter. The kids are officially on christmas break and I realize…..I won’t get a damn thing done unless I kill them. Of course, I’ll have to clean up that mess, cover up what happened, spin a story and plan their funerals. Then, I’d have to attend and even speak. It’s not even worth it. Too much trouble and it would probably take up even more time that I don’t have.

My solution:  It should be solved with christmas. At least, I hope. We built a 6×11 room off of the kitchen, which was going to be a pantry, but isn’t. I have asked for this room to be my christmas present. A space all my own to write away. I’ll keep you all posted, but I imagine it’ll happen because I can be a real pain in the ass when I want something.

Update: I have only given two updates on my weekly weight loss and I’ve neglected to give an update on my pregnancy status. I do have exciting news. I have gained back some (not all) of the weight that I recently lost. It looks like in about nine months…….I will be a big, fat-slob if I don’t stop eating so much crap. The holidays were a stupid time to start losing weight. Why didn’t anyone tell me? I’ve given up on stressing about the weight….for now. BUT….don’t worry. I’m still going to have lots of sex, but only for procreation. It’s so totally gross to do it for any other reason. For the cause man! For the cause!

Big News: Well, it might not be big news to you, but it is to me. I was given the Kreativ Blogger Award by zendictive. Hopefully, I will fulfill my award duties soon with a post on this. In case you are wondering…… award is still worth having, even if you had to extort someone to get it. I will neither confirm or deny that I have damaging information or photos involving zendictive.

Admission: I’m way too tired to check this shit for mistakes.

25 thoughts on “Making an appearance…………..

  1. You deserve a room of your own. One with a view. Or at least a door. Good for you. Fight for it!

    And congrats on the latest award. I think you got it because of the duct tape photo that is so memorable. Seriously, CONGRATS. you need more stuff over there on the right! Or is that the left, I can never keep those two straight….


    1. That’s why I drink. Everything is on both sides that way.

      The room is connected to the playroom and once a doorway is made, then it’s perfect, I can work on my writing while the baby plays. I hope it happens.

      The award is pretty cool. Thanks.


  2. I was just thinking to myself that I hadn’t seen a post from you in a couple of days! I really enjoy them! Good luck with your room, and Merry Christmas!!


  3. I like your writing! Congratulations on your award! I feel the same way you do about murder being so much work, add to that all the Christmas doings and, well . . . it just gets to be too much! And I like to do all my own murdering . . . I’m just old-fashioned that way I guess.

    Oh and congratulations on being pregnant if you are. I’m not sure I read that right! 🙂


    1. I guess that way confusing. Kids around…as usual. I’m not pregnant, but thought I might be. Just gaining weight back I was trying to lose.

      I agree with doing things yourself. If you want something done right…………………


  4. Loving that last line, way too tired to check this sh.. LOL Hear you on a lot of it, sister, wishing you all the relaxation you need and yes, A Room of One’s Own might just be the ticket 🙂 Congrats on the award, your blog is awesome good reading!


  5. Why leave things in their natural state when the option is to paint? The other option would have entailed sanding, scraping and staining … far to much work and generally the outcome isn’t worth it.

    Every woman deserves a room of her own! Without one we are prone to acts of violence, explain this relationship and you are sure to get it even sooner!

    Never mind weight loss during the holidays. Besides, you might need a bit extra for pregnancy cushion.


    1. I agree. I’m not into doing all that work on a piece of furniture unless it is going to look like a piece of art.

      I think I will be demonstrating the violence soon. I have only been at the computer for ten minutes and I’ve been interrupted 5 times. I don’t want to pull my own hair out, so I think I’ll do it to someone in the house.

      I’m going to relax on the weight thing, at least until we try a little longer on the baby thing. I’m just too old for all this crap!


  6. Hope you get that room and they don’t pile food on the desk. They probably will. Sometimes your blog is the only laugh I get all day–don’t know if that means you’re incredibly funny or my life’s pathetic.


    1. Maybe we can make the front office a pantry. As soon as the kids come home they can get something to eat. It’s very convenient. BUT….if I get that space, they are not allowed in without an “emergency” reason. Even then, I might not care.

      To the last part: Probably both. I’m the same way. I think I’m incredibly funny and everyone’s life is pathetic. Just kidding. I think that once we settle into our pathetic lives, everything from the outside is funny.


  7. I love that you didn’t kill the kids … because it would take even more time than putting up with them!! 🙂 Oh, I’m so glad the kids are grown, I mean I REALLY miss those days!

    Tell your fella, “Get crackin’ on the writing room. All my blogging friends will pitch in on a hit if you don’t.”


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