Anyone up for a little stick?

Although it’s the season, I’m just not in the mood to write anything about the holidays now, BUT….I am totally sick of looking at my scary picture pop up from my last post when I sign on. SO… about some light humor in a poem? Actually, don’t answer. It was rhetorical. You’re getting a poem.

The Stick Man

Hey ladies!

I’m the Stick Man

With what I’ve got

I’ll do all I can

If you’re lucky

You could get a chance

To experience with me

Wild romance

There are some rules

I must stress

Before you take on

The very best

You can’t be ugly

You can’t be fat

You must be gorgeous

You must be stacked

Most of all

You can’t be on top

I’m very thin

My limbs would break off

You must be creative

If you crave this prick

Did I forget to mention

I was drawn without a _____!

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