Hey sicko! This blog is not for you.

Okay….So I was looking over my stats for the past week and focused my attention to the search terms. Certain words or phrases are typed into a search engine and low and behold, my blog is discovered. This is normally a great thing, being discovered and all, but not lately. You see….Some really disturbing searches were made. I like to be creative and perhaps a bit insane with my follow through. I had an idea to take a photo of my kids tied up, with mouths taped. That is how I wanted to execute my idea of what I enjoy celebrating. That post received quite a few hits and this is why:

SEARCH TERMS USED: boys tied up, kids tied up, tying up kids, chaining up boys, sweet boys and young boys bound

Besides that fact that this sickens me, I really don’t know what else to say except…………………….. 

I don’t know who you are

Or even where you live

But what you are

Leaves me no room to forgive

I don’t care if it’s a sickness

Or you’re in therapy

I have children

You’re my natural-born enemy

I don’t want you to “Like” me

Comment or follow

I don’t need the attention

Of a heart that’s hollow

You’re lucky you’re anonymous

And can’t be hunted down

Get the hell off my blog

I don’t want you around

I pray you’re found out

Before these actions leave your mind

Locked up forever

Where prisoners hate your kind

This is where my troubles began: https://articlesofabsurdity.com/2011/12/09/weekly-photo-challenge-celebration/

11 thoughts on “Hey sicko! This blog is not for you.

  1. “Ewww!” doesn’t even begin to cover it.
    I echo your prayer that these monsters are discovered and put away before they do any damage.


  2. Too all of the sickos out there – social networking sites and phone cameras will catch up with you!

    (where can you find out the search terms that lead people to your blogs? I have been looking for this for a while!.

    Great blog!

    Thanks for sharing…


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