Mouth to Mouth, Can I get some chapstick?

I’ve decided to resuscitate my other blog, Poetic Leftovers ( I haven’t treated it with the same love and respect I have this one. They were both started on the same day, but I only posted 13 times on the more serious site. Pretty pitiful compared to the 58 I’ve written here. I’m a bitch, I know. AND…..I’m a crappy parent. I picked a favorite child and I’ve rubbed it in the face of the other ever since. I don’t know if I can make up for my neglect, but I am going to try. From now on, I will try to post something there when I post something here. Mommy has to prove that I love them both equally, even if I don’t like them the same…..Oh shit!….I mean and I like them the same.

So take a trip over there if you want to see how the other side of me lives and thinks. It won’t make you laugh or spew your coffee out. Unless of course…you are laughing at my writing because it sucks and the coffee comes out as you are vomiting. I sure hope not. If that’s the case….just keep it to yourself. I don’t need to know.

14 thoughts on “Mouth to Mouth, Can I get some chapstick?

  1. understanding is hard … I have two blogs, zendictive and fishin for chuckles (because I love humor and like writing humor, but it is in the shadow of zendictive by far, there fore I give it less attention. But I play with it none-the-less because it is a part of me and my personality. I think I totally understand what your portraying here.


  2. I always imagined starting a few extra blogs to whack away at specific subjects like that too. I love writing, and I really enjoy well-written work! Creative expression in writing is something you do very, very well. Your writing does not suck by any meansl. In observation, as a writer myself I now make a point of trying to avoid 4-letter words; why? because they no longer work for shock value in today’s pretty much jaded society. It seems to me there are always far more creative, high-impact ways of saying things? NOT criticizing, by the way, Lorre, I live to observe –and your writing is well worth observing. I enjoy both your style and message. “:)


    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your comments and praise.

      I guess my mood and maturity level for the day and the subject matter dictate how I express what I do. I go back and edit these quite a few times before I put them up.

      Ultimately though, I guess I write like I talk (to friends)….audience factored in of course. My kids are not allowed to see my blog.


  3. Lorre, there’s nothing quite like being one’s self. I’m guessing that upon occasion I edit my own posts and writing far too many times . I spent over 200 hrs. rewriting Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol (the new eBook) for all ages and didn’t end up with one single four-letter invective…..”:), how’s that for dedication eh…..
    Keep writing. You have much talent !


    1. I like to sharpen the ends of my chapstick and make shivs. They are practical and soothing. Then I use the chopsticks to beat people until they roughen, turn red and crack. So…..I guess you can work it out either way.


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