Too much crap….Not enough education

I have a lot of extra stuff in my house. SO….I decided to go through a bunch of my things and get rid of what I didn’t need anymore. NOW….I’m not crazy (maybe a little). I didn’t get rid of anything important. I kept glasses I was given to sleep in after my lasik surgery. You never know when you might need to wear those. I kept the 18 Ikea-like allen wrenches, just in case. I still have the 12 pairs of 3D glasses I ordered by mistake in “Linear”. It’s too late to return them and who knew I needed “Circular”? AND….I’m definitely keeping the chain link bikini, although it is cold as hell. They say it’s one size fits all, but that’s a bunch of bullshit. I need to lose a bit more weight unless I want to attach some bungee cords to each side. AND….How silly would that be? Everyone knows those get attached to the bedpost.

No sir. I only got rid of the unimportant stuff. I had an entire box of educational material that had to go. I mean really, my kids aren’t geniuses. They aren’t complete dummies either, but when do I have the time to fill their brain up with more stuff. They’re in school all day, then homework, XBox , television…..enough is enough! You can see the dilemma I was in. As parents we have to set priorities.

For a short time, I had one of my dear friends tutoring my son. I also homeschooled him for a short time (4 days), but that’s a another story. Anyway….I found a letter he had written, which she apparently assigned to him right before the tutoring stopped. She was teaching him how to write to a friend. He wrote to her grandson. You can see by his work that she was an amazing teacher and he loved her dearly.

Names were covered to protect the innocent.

At least he completed the assignment.

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