It’s rough in this town.

People think that all is fine and dandy when you live in a small town, but they would be wrong. Life is tough around here, especially for our children. Shockingly enough: There’s a liquor store in town to keep all of us complacent. I think some folks around here might even be bootleggers. Sometimes, the cashiers at the grocery store double charge you on the milk. AND…I’m pretty sure someone took a Christmas card out of my mailbox last year. Our kids have to be bad ass bitches to grow up here and sometimes….it’s all just too much.

My daughter being "jumped in" by a local recess gang.
Learning to use street weapons at a young age.
My baby. Drunk off his ass, as usual.
Gang member sis...helping with his detox.


10 thoughts on “It’s rough in this town.

    1. It might have to come to that.

      Speaking of living conditions: What I wrote is a cute spin about what I always thought about living here, THEN…….my cop hubby comes along and I realized my cute little town wasn’t so cute. Compared to a lot of places, it’s still could be a lot worse. BUT…..who wants to write about that? Not me. I like the humor.


  1. Just the fact that the little guy can scale the cliff that is your liquor cabinet,… and then pick the lock—– well, he’s got a bright future.


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