Cartoon: Isn’t that my baby?

First things first: Honey, I’m sorry I’m talking about you, but I couldn’t help it. It’s a genetic disorder when something is too good to pass up.

Okay……My hubby and I wanted to have another baby, then we decided no, because we are getting so freaking old and I don’t want Benjamin Button coming out of my womb. SO……the other night my husband was holding our son and saying (something like) how he couldn’t imagine if we didn’t have him and someone else was raising him. Well, I responded exactly with, “I don’t think it works like that.” I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to have more kids. When I asked him about it, he said something along the lines of us having all these kids we don’t even know yet and it bothers him that we might not have them.

Can I just say that the thought of us “having all these kids” scares the crap out of me! I can wrap my brain around one more child (we have four and we aren’t catholic). No offense to catholics. Some of my best friends are those people. Oh crap…that sounded bad. You know what I mean. Anyway…….but to say “these kids” implies way more than one. That is not going to happen. Someone would have to force feed me fertility drugs and then, I’m pretty sure I would have a law suit of some kind. I’d need one to get the money to raise those bastards……I mean lovely children.

Then…..I started to think (it happens). What if it did work something like that? What if we all had kids up there (or wherever if that bugs you), but keep in mind free will.

8 thoughts on “Cartoon: Isn’t that my baby?

  1. I love the cartoons.

    I can’t help much on the baby thing. I’m allergic. Yes, it’s a tragic medical condition that prevents me from having any prolonged contact with baby by-products. Men frequently decide against procreation when confronted with being solely responsible for the slimy, mushy, smelly, chunky and gooey stuff that babies’ produce daily. Eeewww.

    Just kidding. I love other peoples’ babies. 🙂


    1. With the older three, my hubby and I could go wherever, let them run around without us and not have to panic when they went swimming. It was so easy and then the baby……………………

      I love the baby, but we’re back to square one until he is self-sufficient, but in this day and age even some grownups aren’t. I guess if we are going to have another child, it should be now….before I get a taste of freedom again. Of course, I’ll probably be in menopause at that point.


    1. Thanks. It was my favorite, so I saved it for last.

      Bless you and your ten kids. I live in a community where ten kids is like sneezing, so you would so fit in here. One of my “10” kid friends was voted best physique in highschool. I always like to say “What were you thinking?’ She still looks good though.


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