Leave me your sex drive when you die.

I’ve had several relatives pass away. I have been left: money, salt-n-pepper shakers, coasters, music boxes, astrological charts, a teacup and saucer, some hideous costume jewelry and a busted ass table that looked like it needed a swift kick all the way to the landfill. Now….I don’t expect people to leave me things when they pass (I don’t even care.), but if you are going to leave something, don’t make it insulting.

So….I don’t know how we got onto the subject today, but someone told me, when their mom died, they were left with her dentures and a MasterCard bill. WTF! Who leaves dentures to their daughter? The woman’s teeth didn’t look fucked up to me. And…..a credit card bill. That’s just wrong.

I’m curious to know if anyone else has a story about being left/given something upon someone’s passing, but something: extremely unusual, bizarre or totally insulting. OR…perhaps some really horrible or crazy stuff you plan to leave to some unsuspecting fool. I’d love to read the comments.


**If you are related to a hoarder, I’m sorry. It’s not worth rummaging through that amount of crap. Oh damn….what am I saying. They’ll take it with them, one way or another.

6 thoughts on “Leave me your sex drive when you die.

  1. Since a sex drive is not like a car, a watch, or money, I’ll pass. Besides, I have a healthy sex drive which is personalized thanks to the years of practice and fine tuning. Now if the benefactor left me the fantastic 30 year old woman he had maintained his sex drive with…OK…but with my luck I would be sitting in some lawyer’s office and hear that a 105 year old matronly woman left me her’s.


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