Weight Loss in Rhyme

Went to the Y 6 days ago

Got weighed, measured, bought a lot of crap

To get me motivated and melt my fat

The “coach” sold me a system….

Shakes, protein, tea and pills

To keep my energy up and cure my ills

I started this “system” the day before

A holiday with obscene amounts of food

Of course I cheated, I couldn’t be rude

And then, I cheated once more

Hung out with some friends

Nothing like cheesy meat dip to do you in

I still drank my nightly beer

But switched from bottles to cans and made it lite

Drinking beer water from scrap metal…..”It ain’t right.”

Threw in a bowl of snacks each night

Doritos, cheese puffs or whatever I found

Can’t you tell, I’m weight loss bound

Out of 12 shakes, I’ve had 7

But I’ve worked out with weights

6 days a week…”Ain’t I the shit?”

So I weighed in today

After all of that cheating

Lost 1.8 pounds…with what I’ve been eating


10 thoughts on “Weight Loss in Rhyme

  1. I think you picked the wrong time of year to start this huh? Lol. I’m so with you on the beer…I usually have 6-10 everynight. It’s so damn relaxing after work. Bottles are so much better. Good luck with the weight thing.


    1. No kidding. I’ll cheat if I have to.

      Beer in a bottle is 100% better. I’ll stick with the light, but I might have to go back to bottles. I was trying to watch my bank account as well as the waistline, but the added cost is worth it.


    1. Dont’ make me your hero yet. We’ll see what week #2 brings. I weigh in every Tuesday. AND….like before, I cheated Wed. and Thurs and missed 2 workouts. SO…..we’ll see how it goes.

      I’m assuming by the weight loss, I ate a hell of a lot of bad crap (cheese, pepperoni, lots of chips and dip and beer with more calories) that I am cutting out now. That’s probably the big difference here.

      An “anonymous” trainer told me that if you eat less calories, even if it is all chocolate, you will lose weight. You won’t be healthy, but you will lose pounds. Interesting!


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