I got an award! Charity does exist.

Today’s blog is a result of sheer charity from Miss Demure Restraint, whose blog I enjoy reading very much. If you haven’t taken a peek yet…..go ahead. I dare you. She was kind, or foolish enough to award my blog the 7 x 7 Link Award.

Now, what is this exactly? I suppose it would be a chain letter or a game of tag in a nonblog world. I hate chain letters though. They require too much for nothing. Plus, aren’t they usually filled with threats of impending death or something like that? I prefer to see this like a game of tag. You are picked to play the game (someone actually liked your blog), get to pick others to play (blogs you like) and it’s fun.

This is how it goes down: I, as the lucky recipient, choose seven earlier blog posts that represent (or, as closely as possible) certain categories: Most Beautiful, Most Helpful, Most Popular, Most Controversial, Most Surprisingly Successful, Most Underrated and Most Prideworthy. Then as the lucky recipient, I  pass the award along to seven new recipients.

So here goes nothing:

  • Most Beautiful: My Friends are F%*@ing Bitches! I know. The title doesn’t exactly exude what most people would consider beautiful, but it is for my blog. This particular post is a love letter of sorts for a few of my friends.
  • Most Helpful: Stupid Bitch Yet again, another title that doesn’t scream helpful. This post is advice for my daughter when becomes a young woman looking for love.
  • Most Popular: My Day In Rhyme (…bad rhyme) I had no idea what to write that evening, so I just typed up a quick poem about my day and hit publish.  I’m not sure if people on the world-wide web were confused when I posted this, but it has a whopping 1,611 hits so I’m pretty sure hell has frozen over.
  • Most Controversial: I had to name two of my posts for this one (probably breaking some award rule here). Small town living can be so unforgiving. This post did not spark controversy on my blog, but rather, off the blog. I posted a link to this on Facebook and there began a battle with an 80 year-old man, who I don’t think quite understood the content. There were also a few people (in my small town) who wanted to know who I was talking about in the post. The next day I rebutted (in a sense) with a new posting. The second post I felt was controversial:  Occupy Oakland and Get Pregnant (Barbie style) I had to put this post in because I received a negative comment from an unknown on this. I couldn’t resist pulling it out of my spam folder in order so I could reply.
  • Most Surprisingly Successful: The Battle of the Bulge I jotted a few things down while I was eating in front of the television (of course). At one time or another, we can probably all relate to this.
  • Most Underrated: Greeting cards I’d love to send……….    When I was a child (and maybe sometimes now) I wanted to create greeting cards for people. This post was a more direct, grownup version of some you will probably never find in a store.
  • Most Prideworthy: Again, I am going to break some rule by naming my two favorites in this category. One post is for my loving husband. He’s not my friend. He’s my husband The second post is for my loving (when they want something) kids. When mommy talks………..

Thanks again Dee for seeing something in my blog that inspired you to give this award to me. I haven’t been blogging long, but it was interesting to go back and see some of what I wrote. I saw some crap, but that’s okay. It happens. Again,  I appreciate the opportunity to shamelessly plug my blog and posts. I almost feel dirty……almost. Now I would like to give that same opportunity to 7 other bloggers.

And the award goes to:

Ashley Jillian




My Next Date

The Wild Pomegranate


Let me say now: There are other blogs that I read and love. I had to pick 7 and it was very difficult. Keep blogging away!

13 thoughts on “I got an award! Charity does exist.

  1. Congrats to you and the choices! You chose well, all well deserved 🙂 I know those awards are hard, so many great talents out there. You are funny as heck. Have you seen the Crazy Chicks Club at Lafemmeroar’s page (link is on my blogroll). I think you’d love it and get to know a lot of like-minded “crazy fun chicks.” Happy Writing


  2. Thanks for saying that.

    It is tough. Now I have to pick my brain for the Liebster Award. The smoke coming out of my ears makes it hard to see well enough to type.

    That is a great site! There’s a lot of talent out there, including yourself (of course).


  3. Thank you so much. I will look into passing this on as soon as I figure it out…lol I am fixing to add you to my blog roll so I can keep up with your stuff alot more. Thanks again.


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