Hair Today…..Gone Tomorrow

So I did something amazing today. I decided to pick my other blog back up (Poetic Leftovers) today. That was a shameless plug on my part. I abandoned it for better things and finally the guilt got to me. It inspired me to think about other things that are old and abandoned, like crappy ass hairstyles, clothing styles and good old fashioned childhoods. What better way to examine that, then by looking at my own pictures. Wow….there was no photoshop back in the day. What you saw, is what you got!

6 thoughts on “Hair Today…..Gone Tomorrow

  1. It’s nice idea. It is been long time i have not looked at my child hood pics. Thank you for reminding this to me. I will also check that the hair style I loved, what are my thoughts for it today 🙂


  2. I too rocked the perm for many years. 1 year I rocked it looking like Bozo because I had spent the whole summer spraying Sun In, in my hair(apparently dark haired women turn out orange) I still thought I looked cute, lol!


  3. Baby oil and iodine . . . it was the precursor to self tanning products. You had to be very careful when mixing and applying. There was always the chance you would end up with a semi-permanent camouflage look.

    Mum doesn’t like her hair in her eyes so she would cut our bangs so short it would take several months for them to grow back to an acceptable length, then she’d chop them off again. Trust me, nobody rocks that look.

    Your daughter looks just like you.


  4. Her school pictures look a whole lot better. She has great hair!

    Iodine? I never heard of that one, but it sounds like you need gloves and experience. I hope to see one of those “choppy bangs” pictures soon.


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