Lacking brains? Here! Come up with a plan for the remains.

Okay. I had to add a new tag and category today: WTF were you thinking? and WTF!

So this small town I live in has made the national, and I suspect, international news. For what you might ask? Apparently we were the dumping site for those poor soldier’s remains from 2003-2008, thanks to the wisdom (some brainless, insensitive, non-thinker) of the Dover Air Force Base. They dropped that practice and began burial at sea. I’m not even sure why it was a practice? Seriously, are they saying there was no good place to bury unknown remains during those five years? A landfill was the best they could come up with? A dump seemed to be the place to honor our military? What the fuck were those dip-shits thinking? I don’t care if you agree with the political aspects of war or not. We don’t bury people in that way, especially those who fought for this country. Where is the dignity and respect? The morons, who made that decision, didn’t tell the relatives. Hmmmmmmm……………………….Can we say “Guilty Conscience”?

This goes out to the $*%#$**%# behind that disposal idea. Thanks a fucking lot! We really appreciate the way you put us on the map.

6 thoughts on “Lacking brains? Here! Come up with a plan for the remains.

  1. Totally agree with you!! Saw that tonight on the news & had to rewind it to see if I actually heard what I thought I had heard…unbelievable..sick bastards!


  2. Seriously? OMG. Don’t we have cemetaries just for Vets? Wasn’t there one close enough or cheap enough or WTF-ever? Talk about monkeys . . . what ass clown came up with such a solution? I’m not even sure I’m all that thrilled with the whole “at sea” thing either. Couldn’t they cremate and lay the ashes to rest with fellow vets in an appropriately respectful and dignified manner?


    1. At sea: They put the ashes in a urn and then put the urn in the water. I will say it’s better than bringing them from Delaware to Virginia in a truck and dumping them like cigarette ash. There should be a solution as you said: lay the ashes to rest with fellow vets.


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