My Day In Rhyme (…bad rhyme)

My day began at midnight

Like a dumbass I was up

Consuming beer and pepperoni

To increase the size of my butt

Fell asleep at 2:30

With a sick baby in my bed

…very little rest

Being kicked in the throat and head

Woke after hitting snooze

Barely sleeping before

Peeling myself out somehow

Feeling like a worn out whore

Kids barely awake

Shoved off to school

Paid some bills

Cried like a fool

I survived somehow

3 grueling hours

The baby finally crashed

I got a 2 hour nap….power

The power…..

All in my head

I still looked like shit

Still felt dead…….

Rescued the children

Did this and that

Then home to eat

Surprisingly…..not crap

Back out to swim


Put on a suit

To scare the people away

Got a kid’s hair cut

Visited a friend

Back at 9:30

Will the day ever fucking end?

Finally asleep

All in their beds

Writing this bullshit

So it can roll through your head

Drinking again

A sedative for me

Hoping to crash soon

No seeing midnight this eve!

11 thoughts on “My Day In Rhyme (…bad rhyme)

  1. UGH. OK, I was a single mom of two, and my daughter is a single mom (who happens to be dealing with a sick 2 1/2 year old this week.) I’m TOTALLY feeling your pain here. Hope you have a better day today! (And just subscribed to your blog….looking foward to keeping in the loop with you, NaNoNonsense or not!!!) xox


  2. Everyday is an adventure, which I’m sure you know. Thanks for taking a chance and following me. I’m just getting my feet wet here, but it feels great. Good luck with NaNo. This is my first run at it and it’s not looking good for me.


  3. I give you mad props
    That it spite of all the shit
    You took time to exercise
    And got on with it
    And then you wrote a poem
    That was funny and didn’t stink
    My point is as follows:
    You’re better than you think


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