I was looking for something on the internet today and stumbled upon on the ever responsible and oh so factual Wikianswers. Having 3 children in the preteen zone, I decided to check out the questions being asked and answered in that category. Here’s a small sampling.
Don’t do classwork, homework, or don’t hand it in. Have  a bad attitude toward the teachers. Get sent outside or out of the…
ME: I think this answerer is on the right track.
Because they are perverts.
ME: Still good…….
depending on the type of girl, like if they are shy  then yes they mind.
ME: Are you kidding me? Pre-teen category is for 9-12 year olds. Do these girls even have boobs yet? The way boys sit around and play video games all the time and eat fast food crap, they can touch their own damn boobs.

How do you call a boy in grade  school?

the best way to call a boy is to say u love them. then you’re done =) hoped i helped
ME: What the hell?  This answerer is obviously a girl and a future stalker in the making. Really?!? You’re just going to call the boy and say you love them. Let’s jump ahead to the part where you put razor blades in the shoes of the girls they like and dead kittens in their mail box if they don’t reciprocate.

How do preteen boys feel  about preteen girls?

the truth is that nobody cares how you feel right now,  your only like 10 and you’ve got the rest of our life ahead of you. but…
ME: Well done answerer. You are now responsible for a  future suicide attempt or for creating a slutty whore, who doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her either. Did you add in “you’ve got the rest of our life ahead of you” to keep her from cutting or something? And really “our life”, are you her stalker and future spousal abuser?

There  is someone I like but I don’t know if he likes you back What should I do?

Wear our cutest outfit and flirt with him.
ME: How simplistic. Here’s the our thing again. I’m getting a bit creeped out. Honestly sweetie. Dog crap wrapped in a pretty bag is still dog crap. Work on yourself. Any guy now who gives a shit about your cute outfit is playing for the wrong team.

What is a good dating site  for 13 year olds?

if your 13 you shouldn’t be on dating sites

ME: Are you fucking serious? You’re in 8th grade or something. Mom and Dad clearly need to take away the internet privileges.

How do you woo a girl  successfully?

If she is a naughty girl bang her as hard as you can.If  she’s not go slow and let her take over…
ME: Hey, thanks for answering, sick ass mother that you are. Wooing means to try to win the affection of someone, which can lead to marriage. You sound like a date rapist. “I want you to like me, so I am going to fuck you now. If you don’t seem naughty, then I will go a bit slower and wait until the alcohol or drug that I slipped you sets in, then I will fuck you. I really hope you don’t file charges afterwards. Please be my wife.”

Am 21 years can you be adopted?

No you cannot be adopted because you are already over  18 years of age. you are a legal adult
ME: #1-Get off the preteen site. #2-Are you trying to adopt a 21-year-old or are you 21 years old and trying to get adopted? I think the ship has sailed either way.  I feel much sorrow for you.

Which  Turkish ruler granted Christians privileges after the third crusade?

Henry IV
ME: After reading the others, this is refreshing.

What  should you do if you see your best friend that’s a girl masturbating in  class?

Enjoy it.
ME: What class is this? None of my classes got me that excited. Sign me up!
I’m just glad that we all have to rescue us from any bad decisions we might make and to help us with those tough choices. If our children are too ashamed to come to us for advice, they can seek out the intellectual wisdom of random people around the globe. What a blessing! And…we thought we had to worry about kids.

6 thoughts on “Wiki-what?

  1. Disturbing and depressing, this is the next generation ladies and gentlemen. Almost as disturbing as the questions and answers themselves is the horrible way they’re written:

    “Am 21 years can you be adopted?”
    Am still not able to construct a sentence that makes sense.

    “How Can U fail 7th grade?”
    Considering that fact that ‘U’ are too lazy to spell the entire word ‘you,’ you’ve got a good chance.

    “There is someone I like but I don’t know if he likes you back What should I do?”
    Um…while you’re picking a cute outfit why don’t you try to decide who you’re referring to?

    ***Sigh*** One of these little idiots is going to be President some day. I’m going back to bed.


      1. I tend not to dwell on sites like that for the same reason I don’t watch ‘Jersey Shore’ or ‘Jerry Springer.’

        But all is not lost. I’m sure your children are brilliant, my 8 year old sure is. We can take hope in them.


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