Brad Pitt! Where’s your moral compass?

A friend of mine said that ever since Brad Pitt left Jen for Angelina, she won’t see any more of his movies. She refuses to help him financially after doing such a horrible thing to his wife. Although……she will make an exception if George Clooney is in the movie. I guess one cancels out the other. Now….this got me to thinking. If I cared about the moral compass in Hollywood, then I would have to say goodbye to all things: Billy Bob Thornton, Jack Nicholson, Hugh Grant, Ben Affleck, Jude Law, Claire Daines and Julia Roberts, to name a few. I don’t think I could do that. I am willing to give up Britney Spears though. I admit, I never really liked her to begin with. I always picture her as someone who cleans the back bathrooms in the Dairy Queen with a dirty exposed thong. No offense to Dairy Queen.

Could you imagine if every Joe Blow in America was on television, the news and in the rag mags for everything they ever did and said? If we all cared about each other’s moral compass and it was a factor in socializing or doing business with others, then imagine………Would Wall Street Collapse? Would someone else have to bag my groceries? Who is teaching my children? Could I still go to my friend’s house for dinner? No more (complete) family gatherings I suppose. Could I use that as an excuse to refuse the ticket I’m written? I think the church might be a little empty on Sunday. Who would read this blog?

The moral is: Be careful not to set your standards too high.  You could find yourself playing with yourself and your moral compass, all alone.

2 thoughts on “Brad Pitt! Where’s your moral compass?

  1. I won’t pay to see movies with Brad or Angelina. Regardless of George. But I will watch Ocean’s on tv. I won’t pay to see Ethan Hawke or Jude Law either.
    I guess that leaves me all alone with my moral compass. Well, I’m in decent company, I suppose.


  2. I’m sure there are plenty of people who pass the moral compass test. It depends on what we decide to test on I suppose. I wonder if I could even hang out with myself? Not because of cheating……….well….maybe on a quiz or two in highschool.


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