Rock Stars and a Groupie!

So….it was spirit week at my kid’s school.  Yesterday was Rock-n-Roll day. When I dropped the kids off at school,  the low-level of spirit blew me away. Some girls put colored hair clips in their hair and  other kids wore sunglasses. I was at the school all day and saw only 2 kids, besides mine, dressed up from head to toe.  I saw another 4 kids wearing wigs. What happened to enjoying being a kid!!??!! My kids came home and said some of the kids thought they looked cool, but a lot of them laughed and called them “gay”. Kids are just too cool nowadays. When I was in school, you were the oddball if you didn’t participate in such things. These kids need to get the sticks out of their asses and learn to lighten up and laugh at themselves. Most of them act like mini-grownups, but not the good kind. The kind that gets left by their spouse, are on the verge of being fired from their job and have an addiction problem. And….don’t get me started on the list of meds they are on to deal with all their depression and anxiety. That’s what kids nowadays remind me of, but with the cool sunglasses and nicer bodies, of course. I told my kids not to give a crap about what anyone says. Screw them….especially since the kids laughing at them and calling names are the ones who didn’t have the balls to put themselves out there and participate.  I’m not raising followers, who like to drink the Kool-aid. I’m trying to raise the leaders, but not the crazy ones who buy and mix the Kool-aid.

So here are pics of the kids dressed up. I aso threw in a picture of the baby, who dressed up like a groupie (clothing being removed).

America's Future!
Toss me those dollar bills!

2 thoughts on “Rock Stars and a Groupie!

  1. Not sure why, but…
    I get e-mail updates when you post a new blog. The entire blog post shows up in my e-mail. This is pretty cool, as usually I have my phone with me, and just read the email on my phone.
    However, when that happens, I just noticed that the pictures don’t show up.
    When I click the link and come here to the actual blog, I see the pictures. But I don’t see them included in the email version of your post.
    Maybe other people notice this as well? If so, could you write some kind of a line at the end of the blog, exactly like you did here, that says you’re posting pics? That way, I won’t miss any pictures of some of my favorite kids. THANKS!


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