Does closeness equal creepiness?

Long ago in a small little town. There were 3 kids whispering and giggling because the word sex was overheard by them. The children were asked if they knew what sex was. After much silly debate, they decided it was when a man and women were close together. I began to think……if that were true, then I am a big sleazy cheater.  Just within the last month I’ve had sex (per the kids definition) with several different retail/grocery cashiers, the children’s pediatrician, the DirecTV guy and some unknowns at the YMCA. I never thought to ask anyone if they were wearing protection. It’s going to be tough getting all those paternity tests done if I wind up pregnant. I will say this. If this was how sex happened, then we could save a lot of money on clothes, hair, jewelry and makeup. The guys wouldn’t have to spring for any dinners (foreplay to them) or movies. On the downside, it would be hard to stay faithful unless you stayed locked up in the house all day and the dry cleaning bills would be enormous. I mean….the kids never said the clothes were off. Side thought: Wouldn’t we all be in jail for various public indecencies?

Okay. Let it out!

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