Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic


(Left to right: My Bro, Me and My Sis)

Once sweatshirts and blue jeans…

now suits and ties.

Once hitting boys on the playground…

to hitting on boys at the bars.

Once dreams were larger than life…

now you have priorities and goals.

You couldn’t wait to grow up…

and now all you want to do is go back.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Gate in Richmond

Back before the second millennium, I took a photography course in college. You know, when actual film had to be put in cameras and a “negative” was not just a bad point in someone. The assignment was shadows, but let’s face it, you can’t have shadows without the sun.

Spam I Am. (#1)

I’ve been a bad blog girl:  I’ve neglected some of my legitimate commenters. I checked my spam and found all kinds of wonderful comments from some great folks. I would like to take the opportunity now to respond to some of them.

POST: If it stumbles like a drunk and slurs like a drunk, it might be a drunk. (Part 1)

  • Comment from Web Hosting Site: This site doesn’t render appropriately on my iphone 4 – you might wanna try to fix that Me: Thanks for stopping by, but it’s not my fucking fault you can’t work your iPhone 4 when sober or intoxicated. I’m not part of the Geek Squad and I’m not going to fix your problem.
  • Comment from Credit Site: I own a condition in this subject. If anyone might help myself and then make sure you contact us ME: It’s pretty damn clear you “own” the “drunk fuck” condition. I have no doubt. Dude, don’t waste you time trying to help yourself or ask someone to do it for you. If you are as drunk as it seems, that little soldier is not going to salute tonight. There will be no contact, but thanks for stopping by my site.

POST: Clarification to: “Making an appearance……” post

  • Comment from Isabella ??: I believe this came about due to the fact that when I was a small child I lived with my mother, grandfather and disabled grandmother Me: You caught me. I’m sorry Isabella, but you’re right. I’ve held this post in for a long time, but when I found out you lived with your mother, grandfather and your sickly disgusting disabled  grandmother as  a child…..well, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. If it takes a small post about sex that works to take the focus off your childhood neediness, then sobeit.

POST: Weekly Photo Challenge: Self-Portrait

  • Comment from Wyatt ??: This kind of person is a bit like the sheep at a zoo we all know it�� s there, we can see it, but we really don�� t care to interact with it. Me: I’d like to thank you for stopping by, but you’re a real ass. It’s clearly a mask you idiot. Go piss on someone else’s parade and learn how to use the damn keyboard for more than just scratching your ass.

POST: My New Year Realization

  • Comment from Colon Cleanser: I’m young on here, I thrash this website I repossess It pretty constructive and it is forced me to be out a whole lot. I determination be accomplished to develop & aid other users prefer it has helped me Me: Are you threatening me? Do you work for WordPress? My credit card is good, so I’m pretty sure you can’t repossess my damn site. AND…You better not do some hacker shit and thrash it either. Sorry my blog has traumatized you to the point of having to leave your computer and go out, but I constructed it that way. I can’t even begin to understand your last sentence. I imagine your cleanser is working and it’s a little hard to type the right words when you are exploding on the “john”. Stop back by when you aren’t cleaning your insides, but wash your hands first.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple


Simple Tasks

Simply Can’t Be Done

By My Very Simple Family

Which Is Simply Infuriating

These tasks of three….

How simple could they be?

Slackass has entered the building: Awards Final Phase IV

For the safety of all readers: Paper links were used in this posting, as opposed to chain links. I wouldn’t want anyone to hurt themselves trying to navigate through all of them.

Some time ago, I was given several awards. Little by little I’ve chipped away at my responsibilities. This post will be the nail that shuts the coffin. In Blog Awards with Barbies, I began this little adventure. Then, I moved on with It’s a process: Awards Phase II and Truth or Dare: Award Phase III.  Let’s get on with it. Shall we?

Go to : Awards: Take this and go away. to claim your badge for your blog.

Kreativ Blogger Award, Versatile Blogger  and 7 x 7 Link Award

All three awards need you to let the recipient know they won by posting on their blog. Kreative Blogger Award and the Versatile Blogger award have you name at least 7 things about yourself (preferably unknown) and name 7 recipients. The 7 x 7 Link Award has you name 7 of your posts (Most: Beautiful, Helpful, Popular, Controversial, Surprisingly Successful, Underrated and Pride Worthy), along with naming 7 recipients and naming one unknown fact about yourself.

I’d like to thank (yes…again), zendictive, AURORA MOREALIST , The Wild Pomegranate  and 2010 – On The Bench for giving me these awards. Since I was awarded two of these twice, I am going to cut some, maybe a lot, of corners. First: I am going to combine all three awards. No. I am not creating a new award called Kreativ Versatile Human Link Award, although it has a nice ring to it. I’m combining the three because, I’m lazy, it’s easy and all the named recipients are great. Plus, I want them to air their dirty laundry.  Oh yeah. I’m only naming five because I’m pitiful and a lot of people have already received these awards. Note: Name as many or few things and blogs as you like. I know how overwhelming this is. In fact, you can just say thanks and do nothing else if that’s your cup of tea. It’s all good here.

I got an award! Charity does exist. is a post for a 7 x 7 Link Award I received earlier on. It lists my picks for Most: Beautiful, Helpful, Popular, Controversial, Surprisingly Successful, Underrated and Pride Worthy. I really have no changes at this time, but I would like to add one posting…………

Most Underrated: Whose afraid of the big bad consultant?

The Candle Lighter Award

I would like to thank  FiftyFourandAHalf for giving me this award. I think she is a thoughtful person with a touch of insanity and this is why: (copied off her post) This award is for those bloggers whose words light the way through the blogosphere. It originated for blogs “that bring light to the world [and offer] inspiration, hope, optimism, good advice, faith filled assurances, and even humor.” There are no rules for this award. It’s just a way of pointing out inspirational blogs. Pass it on to as many or as few fellow bloggers as you would like.

Momma’s Money Matters



One Lovely Blog 

I would like to thank AURORA MOREALIST  for this award. This award is simply to recognize some newly discovered blogs. Here is my list (should be 15) and I’m cutting those damn corners again. Pass it on to new blogs that you have recently discovered.

Ramblings From an Apathetic Adult Baby


Year of Living Sober

Stuff that Jeanne says

Inspirational Daily

Taking Candy From a Baby

The Mainland

Weekly Photo Challenge (my way): Winter

So….This is totally my style, but perhaps not what WordPress was looking for when they created this challenge. Sorry, but I can’t help myself.