Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic


(Left to right: My Bro, Me and My Sis)

Once sweatshirts and blue jeans…

now suits and ties.

Once hitting boys on the playground…

to hitting on boys at the bars.

Once dreams were larger than life…

now you have priorities and goals.

You couldn’t wait to grow up…

and now all you want to do is go back.


Flash in the Pan: Happiness

I met my best friend while putting out a fire, or so I thought. Smoke was coming from my neighbor’s cellar. I ran over and felt the door. It wasn’t hot, so I figured I could handle it and be a hero. Their hose was nearby. I went over, turned it on, threw the door open and wildly sprayed that water.

“What the hell!” someone shouted.

I never saw that girl sitting on the steps. There she was though, hair stuck to her face, mascara running and a broken-wet cigarette dangling from her mouth. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Something funny?” she yelled.

“Aren’t you a little young…” I started to say.

“I’m twelve, thank you!” she said angrily while moving the hair out of her eyes. “My name’s Happiness too. If you got something to say about that, I’ll kick your ass.”

“No.” I smiled. “I think we’re good.”

This was inspired by: M3 Flash Challenge
Word Limit: 150
My word count: 150

Flash in the Pan: Lonely

That day will stay in my brain forever. I was outside in the yard helping mom with the garden. I heard this loud backfire, like a gun or something. It made me jump. Then a crazy looking hippy-van pulled up next door. Smoke was coming from the hood and there was music loud enough to wake the dead.

I remember stories I’d heard about strange people coming to small, lonely towns like mine, and the horrible things they’d do. Nothing exciting ever happens here. Death happens, but never by murder. It’s caused by old age or some type of farm accident. You know, like being stabbed with a pitchfork or getting shredded by a plow machine. I just figured those folks must be lost. As I ran to peer over the gate between our two yards, I crossed my fingers and prayed a kid would come out of that van.

This post was inspired by: M3 Flash Challenge

The word is: LONELY with 150 word count

My word count is: 150

All roads lead to Walmart.

Forgive the crappy pic. I have a dumb phone (by choice) and don’t carry my smart camera with me.

SO……….There we were, hubby and me, having a heated debate about something stupid. Our arguments are pointless, but “mood swing” relationships keep the good times going. ANYWAY……..We’re in the parking lot of Walmart (where I should own stock), when a George Costanza look-alike and his lovely companion pull up. We immediately stopped arguing and laughed so hard we cried. The only thing that would’ve been better, is if he lifted his companion off of his crotch before exiting the car.

Even roadkill/woodkill gets to shop at Walmart.

Deer in car 1

AND………I think it’s too late for the seatbelt!

Flash in the Pan: Company

Through the window, the moon’s faint light shone in a corner of the room. There lay an elderly man upon a wooden bed. Death seemed to blanket him, except for the noticeable uplift of his chest every few seconds. His frail frame twitched and twitched again. His discomfort was quite evident by his unconscious motions.

His eyelids opened suddenly, staring into the darkness. Realizing he left the window partly open, he arose with the greatest of effort. A chill ran through him as he proceeded towards the window. With every step, one could hear the floorboards creak in harmony with his stiff joints.

Reaching the window with shaking fingers, he pressed firmly on its frame. For a moment he stood still, as if to recover from his prolonged journey. Suddenly, he heard tapping at the door. Finally, the company had arrived to deliver him from his chilling hell.

This post was inspired by: M3 Flash Fiction Challenge.  The word is company, with a word limit of 150. My count is 148 words.