All roads lead to Walmart.

Forgive the crappy pic. I have a dumb phone (by choice) and don’t carry my smart camera with me.

SO……….There we were, hubby and me, having a heated debate about something stupid. Our arguments are pointless, but “mood swing” relationships keep the good times going. ANYWAY……..We’re in the parking lot of Walmart (where I should own stock), when a George Costanza look-alike and his lovely companion pull up. We immediately stopped arguing and laughed so hard we cried. The only thing that would’ve been better, is if he lifted his companion off of his crotch before exiting the car.

Even roadkill/woodkill gets to shop at Walmart.

Deer in car 1

AND………I think it’s too late for the seatbelt!

Sorry for the non-phallic length. Get comfy!

Sometimes, when a “grown” adult, shows their ass (…not literally…thank goodness…) by insulting a person for no other reason than: “grown” adult is ignorant, under/over-medicated, drunk, or just plain unstable…………I have to laugh inside, after feeling deeply sorry for their apparent issues. This happened quite recently, when Someone Having Inborn Troubles (S.H.I.T) called me a “fucking psychopath”. I don’t know if S.H.I.T thought I would be angry, start to cry or what. BUT………I thought it was trashy and sad.

Psycho or misunderstood?

Let me give you the back story on why S.H.I.T called me this: _____(?)_____ Okay. You know as much as I do. Of course, I could speculate. BUT………..My made up ideas would be as bad as their made up reasons for lashing out, SO…………I won’t go there. I am quite curious to understand the breakdown of their insult though.

Things that make you go hmmmm!


damned; confounded (used as an intensifier).

OKAY………So there really isn’t much to address here. If you are going to throw out the word psychopath, bitch, slut, or even dumbass………..I guess adding this word in front adds “umph”. Good for you for showing some extra initiative.

Nice application!


a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience


      1. not involving questions of right or wrong; without moral quality; neither moral nor immoral.

      2. having no moral standards, restraints, or principles; unaware of or indifferent to questions of right or wrong: a completely amoral person.


      1. having or regarding the self or the individual as the center of all things: an egocentric philosophy that ignores social causes.

      2. having little or no regard for interests, beliefs, or attitudes other than one’s own; self-centered: an egocentric person; egocentric demands upon the time and patience of others.

This is a lot to work through.

SO………Let’s address this.

  • I’m not amoral, except on this blog.
  • I understand and comply with the rules of right and wrong. WELL……..Maybe not when I told my daughter and her friends that the boy group One Direction died after suffocating in their skinny jeans.
  • I have moral standards, restraints and principles. AND………To be clear………what goes on in my bedroom, with my hubby, doesn’t factor in. BUT………..we definitely have restraints.
  • I couldn’t confuse myself as being the center of things if I wanted to. My life revolves around my family, who know its all about me.
  • I am passionate about social causes, especially those involving children. I fully endorse child labor.
  • I take a great interest in my friend’s lives and what they are passionate about. Well, as long as it pertains to me.
  • I am open to other’s beliefs and attitudes. So what if I don’t agree with your sorry ass views.
  • I don’t demand attention from others. Please make sure to “chain letter” my blog posting to 20 of your friends or you suck.

SERIOUSLY……….All joking aside. Except for all of the sentences beginning with “I”, I am not egocentric. I am not amoral, and therefore, am not a psychopath. Besides, if I really were a psycho, you shouldn’t call me one. Real psychos wouldn’t remain calm and mature. They would go off on your ass and for less than name calling.

BUT……..I don’t want you going through life worrying about knowing a psychopath, and a “fucking” one at that……..I will make some promises, based on the definitions above, so you sleep with both eyes shut.

I will not:

hate someone because I wanted “their love” to date a person of my choosing.

send nasty text messages to “?”, and then forward them to “?’s” minor child and spouse.

get drunk and grab people’s private parts.

kill animals or people, except with humor.

invite men over to my home when my spouse isn’t around.

cheat and blame someone else.

encourage friends to stray, but criticize “non-friends” who cheat.

surf porn while reading the Bible.

curse and degrade my children for sport.

befriend someone, while secretly working to put their job/child visitation and freedom at risk.

flaunt my son’s special needs for my own amusement/attention.

pretend my mini-van is cool.

encourage my kids to do/say inappropriate things so I can put it on the internet.

think everything that is said or done is all about me.

become jealous and devalue (publically) others for skills they possess that I don’t.

lie about my age more than 2x.

think its cool to have minions.

go through friends like underwear because I’m insecure.

get jealous when others get attention.

wear white after labor day, unless it yellowed.

abuse the generosity of others.

get upset if my friends have other friends they spend time with.

say horrible, insensitive things when people are at their lowest.

double dip with the peanut butter.

try to turn people against each other because I need a project for the day.

be a S.H.I.T and take my problems out on others.

(Not that any of this matters to someone who doesn’t read my blog anyway, right??!!??)

I’ve been learning sign language.

2 Days Late: Not pregnant, just Friday Frenzy (6/29/12)

SO……Here are some of my observations, thoughts and just plain updates. I know…….It’s what you’ve all been waiting for.

(Thanks again for the pics Google Images)


I get that it’s super hot outside, and you are a man, so it isn’t illegal…….BUT……It should be. I will admit to the practice of beer gut discrimination, but please put a damn shirt on. AND…….The vibration of your lawn mower is not helping matters. Rebalance the blade and clothe yourself! By the way, I hope you aren’t single, because dude, that is not the way to advertise.

I was recently confronted with a person, who admitted to having the wrong impression of me. WELL…….Let me correct that. They admitted to having an impression of me that I told them was wrong. BUT…….That’s neither here nor there. Here’s what’s odd. When they thought I was one way…..they spoke to me. When I corrected them and put myself in a more positive light…….they stopped speaking to me. I guess some people just need to believe in certain evils so they don’t feel so bad about themselves. Sounds like a future posting.



All of The Things have left for camp. Maybe I can get some of my own writing done. I mentioned I was working on a project a few weeks ago, but I haven’t gotten too far. To be honest, I haven’t gotten anywhere. How crazy was I? Pretty fucking crazy! I thought having the kids home would give me more time to write since I wasn’t driving them to and from school and their activities ended. DUMBASS! I am in more demand than ever. WELL……At least I have until Friday.



I always wondered about steroids and food. I think he looks quite distinguished with a “stache”.

Justice Moustache 003

Jumping In



It must be done

My foot moves forward

Wishing it could go alone


As if gifted by a zombie

Testing the waters first

Reporting back


What if I drown?

Too tired to keep my head up

Giving in to defeat

What if I get hypothermia?

Coldness from the crowd

Chills me to the bone

I could float….

Nothing exciting to watch

But hey, head above water

I could swim….

Thrash around with purpose

Choose my own direction

Screw it!

I’m already naked


For all to see

Ready or not, here I come!

Jumping in

More flipping boxes of crap from my other blog.

Not now…

Alone in the dark

Twisting and turning away

I hear him stay

I try to be still

My breathing gives me up

Enough’s enough

Tired and teared

To the point of new skin

I’ll never win

I’m lesser, but wise

So I know

Where this will go

Bruised in my heart

Scarred in my mind

Outside…nothing to find

Too weak to win

Too strong to lose

But who gets to choose

I pick peace

He wants the prize

Hollow glory with empty eyes

Mr. and Mrs. Mistake

Two tickets to forever

We bought them on sale

You paid with credit and I with cash

You gave me the window

You weren’t that attached

You fell asleep

I stayed awake

That was the first sign

My mistake

Then it began

The turbulence hit

You reacted and I closed my eyes

You headed down the aisle

Screaming to stay alive

After moments it stopped

But you relived every shake

It just didn’t hit me

Another mistake

We reached our destination

After layover twelve

You were uneasy and I went insane

I unpacked my bag once again

You put more on the train

Your total now…ten

This stop was no break

You bought another ticket

Life mistake

I’ll making my way, door to door.

Okay….So I took a week off to decompress, which didn’t do a thing for my blog reading or commenting, except make it more overwhelming. BUT…..That’s okay. I managed to put everything into Google Reader, which does make it easier to find and read the good stuff. I also managed to mess up the blogs I follow by taking them off my WordPress account somehow. Oh well, that happened after I copied them all into Google. I hope. Also…..The number of blogs I follow really isn’t that bad, but you people sure write a lot of shit and I mean that in the nicest way. So….Now I can begin visiting everyone and not feel like my email account has a strangle-hold on me. I also took my links off of Facebook. If people don’t know how to find my blog by now, then they really don’t want to read it and I’m tired of checking Facebook for anything. So……See you soon.

Slackass has entered the building: Awards Final Phase IV

For the safety of all readers: Paper links were used in this posting, as opposed to chain links. I wouldn’t want anyone to hurt themselves trying to navigate through all of them.

Some time ago, I was given several awards. Little by little I’ve chipped away at my responsibilities. This post will be the nail that shuts the coffin. In Blog Awards with Barbies, I began this little adventure. Then, I moved on with It’s a process: Awards Phase II and Truth or Dare: Award Phase III.  Let’s get on with it. Shall we?

Go to : Awards: Take this and go away. to claim your badge for your blog.

Kreativ Blogger Award, Versatile Blogger  and 7 x 7 Link Award

All three awards need you to let the recipient know they won by posting on their blog. Kreative Blogger Award and the Versatile Blogger award have you name at least 7 things about yourself (preferably unknown) and name 7 recipients. The 7 x 7 Link Award has you name 7 of your posts (Most: Beautiful, Helpful, Popular, Controversial, Surprisingly Successful, Underrated and Pride Worthy), along with naming 7 recipients and naming one unknown fact about yourself.

I’d like to thank (yes…again), zendictive, AURORA MOREALIST , The Wild Pomegranate  and 2010 – On The Bench for giving me these awards. Since I was awarded two of these twice, I am going to cut some, maybe a lot, of corners. First: I am going to combine all three awards. No. I am not creating a new award called Kreativ Versatile Human Link Award, although it has a nice ring to it. I’m combining the three because, I’m lazy, it’s easy and all the named recipients are great. Plus, I want them to air their dirty laundry.  Oh yeah. I’m only naming five because I’m pitiful and a lot of people have already received these awards. Note: Name as many or few things and blogs as you like. I know how overwhelming this is. In fact, you can just say thanks and do nothing else if that’s your cup of tea. It’s all good here.

I got an award! Charity does exist. is a post for a 7 x 7 Link Award I received earlier on. It lists my picks for Most: Beautiful, Helpful, Popular, Controversial, Surprisingly Successful, Underrated and Pride Worthy. I really have no changes at this time, but I would like to add one posting…………

Most Underrated: Whose afraid of the big bad consultant?

The Candle Lighter Award

I would like to thank  FiftyFourandAHalf for giving me this award. I think she is a thoughtful person with a touch of insanity and this is why: (copied off her post) This award is for those bloggers whose words light the way through the blogosphere. It originated for blogs “that bring light to the world [and offer] inspiration, hope, optimism, good advice, faith filled assurances, and even humor.” There are no rules for this award. It’s just a way of pointing out inspirational blogs. Pass it on to as many or as few fellow bloggers as you would like.

Momma’s Money Matters



One Lovely Blog 

I would like to thank AURORA MOREALIST  for this award. This award is simply to recognize some newly discovered blogs. Here is my list (should be 15) and I’m cutting those damn corners again. Pass it on to new blogs that you have recently discovered.

Ramblings From an Apathetic Adult Baby


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