Born Into Darkness

Born into darkness

Chaotic DNA

The storm

She’s my mother

My father


No light to follow

Just broken glass


Toes tipped

The nightmares

Get past

Tracker disabled

To no avail


It’s pulling

The ripcord

It failed

So utterly true

Undeniably stuck

The connection

Too long

Who knows

Just dumb luck

Then the blindness

Pounds repetition

If not now



This condition

…..Can’t stay to seek

…..Their fleeting permission

Born into darkness

Chaotic DNA

The storm

She’s my mother

My father


I don’t

I don’t dare –

Feel like this will never end

All the pain….

All the hurt….

Despite the will to bend

I don’t think –

Time will ever change

That way….

That look….

The cards are all arranged

I don’t know –

The path that this will take

What length…

What light….

Will magnify mistakes

I don’t need –

To go back to that place

For you….

For them….

So your pain can be erased

I don’t care –

If it all comes tumbling down

To prove….

To show….

There’s no way to get around

I don’t try –

To pretend it’s all okay

All the pain….

All the hurt…..

Will make me stronger every day

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

Scrabble Photo 001

This is the future, but also right now.

You aren’t welcome back, no way, no how.

No open arms and no open doors.

It’s clear to all, if it wasn’t before.

You are damaged and toxic, with no moral code.

Picking on children at your age. How bold!

We understand your life sucks pretty hard.

But that’s your fault, so don’t throw crap in our yard.

Haters hate and you are no exception.

I’m pretty sure it started at your conception.

If you’re still in the dark, let me turn on the light.

Without you around, the future is bright.

(Word to your mother…..)


It’s rather deceiving……

It’s rather deceiving, but you have empties believing

Belief in your word that gives most people GERD

They ignore  the shrew, deep inside of you

But why?

It’s a means to a screw

Legs that can’t be held together with surgical glue


And you with your smile,  like a crocodile

No substance to offer, just an empty coffer

Talk, talk, talk, with no walk, walk, walk

To what end?

To continue to squawk

To have others gawk


Give us a break, you scream “I’m a fake!”

There’s no special tool when you’re tricking a fool

Try  someone with smarts, they’ll see your black heart

But how?

Your air smells like fart

You’re a known Day Old Tart


To clear the confusion and dismiss the illusion

Deciding to be kind, does not make one blind

Tolerance in advance, gives you a chance

To do what?

To rise above your self-made circumstance

But you failed to prove you wear the pants


Do yourself a favor and get a new flavor

Your looks, not taboo, more like Mr. Magoo

Your sex appeal, in your head, not so real

Why so harsh?

When trash talking others is your meal

No one gives a shit how you feel


It’s rather deceiving, but you have empties believing

They will spot the lie when the Kool-Aid runs dry

Then nothing is left, but a life of regret


Happiness and love will die from neglect

Anyone left standing will be completely spent


Life Scream

It’s designed just to piss you off

To  confuse

To depress

To control

To break

It’s a teaser, a trick

Screw you and your mind-fuck

What a prick

Just a bitch of a time warp

Keep it straight

Lay down low

Stand up tall

Wait your turn

It’s a jump in the line

With these rules to ride

Lost my mind

It’s limited and flawed

No guarantee

No returns

No playback

No seconds

Curses wrapping the dream

That’s some strange shit

Now……I’ll scream


4-Letter Word: I’m not a fan of unless…..

In places near
And places far

You may be revered
As a shining star
I picture you dressed
Feathers and tar?
Let’s get WD-40
To raise your bar
Please allow me this time
To be uncomfortably blunt

Let’s design and apply
A language shunt
To redirect
Your pompous stunt
That makes you the lead
In the role of cunt



Superficial smile

Hiding all the pain

So much to lose

Very little to gain

Hoping to distract you

From analyzing my shame

If my cover is blown

I know how to place to the blame

Time is not turning around

The end is coming near

This is it..I brace myself

Stuck in nothing is my fear

I’m going to need a bigger room.

Some poetic particles….

 One question….

Will you be able to love me as I love you?

One question….

Will I be able to love you as much as I want to?

One statement….

If these questions can be answered, the relationship is over analyzed


Life is a meal

At this point, I don’t  like what I’m eating

Did my order get mixed up with someone else’s

I’d like to see a menu


I’m bewildered and I don’t know where I am

I’m embarrassed, as if I must make excuses

Just for when there are no rave reviews

I hope there wasn’t a limit on my carry on bags.

With fathers like this……..


It’s not you, it’s him

You don’t need to be prettier

You don’t need to be smarter

And…you don’t need to be more talented

You don’t need to kiss his ass

You shouldn’t have to beg for his time and attention

It’s not you, it’s him

You don’t need to be more athletic

You don’t need to ask him about his job

And….you don’t need to talk differently

You don’t need to stroke his ego

You shouldn’t have to walk on glass around him

It’s not you, it’s him

He doesn’t need to be selfish

He doesn’t need to be one-sided

And….he doesn’t need to be self-absorbed

He doesn’t need to believe respect is his right

He shouldn’t make you feel less than all the time

It’s not you, it’s him

One day, he will realize

It will be too late

And….you will have grown tired of trying

You will be strong and move on

You shouldn’t feel guilty about that