I can’t stop flashing you.

I’m sorry to overwhelm you with my incessant flashing, but I wrote these a bit back and never posted. Get comfy and prepare yourself to be entertained or bored to death. Either way, you might be at your computer longer than expected. These were submitted to the M3 Flash Challenge (Flash in the Pan) Winter 2012.

Wake (125) Exact word Count
Snapping out of his drunken daze for a brief moment, Jeremy noticed the cold beer in front of him at the bar. Usually the cap is the only thing off, but this bottle had a note attached. Focusing the best he could, Jeremy read the message.

Drinking is only a temporary feeling and solution, but when there ain’t no solution, temporary ain’t a bad way to go.

He realized he’d spent years, night after night, sharing his life with a bottle. As he looked around the bar, he saw others just like him. Realizing the solution to his problems didn’t live inside a bottle, he did the only thing he could. He raised his bottle and slurred cheers in the wake of his temporary solution.

Flash (100) 87 Words
Here again, I lie in the charcoal-colored night, approaching my once again deep sleep. Yet, this night is unlike all the others. My dreams will be replaced with memories. Visions that I could not recollect under any other circumstances flash by me.

My morning? Oh, please let us not forget my great awakening. Instead, those too will be replaced — replaced with a wake and mourning. How alike those words sound, yet their meanings are entirely different.

At least I don’t have to worry about insomnia anymore.

Dance (50) Exact Word Count
Much time has passed since my eternal slumber began. My body is frozen to the core as I listen to the thumping through the wood. My earthly blanket is covering me. Yet I feel no warmth. My departure is final now. There’s no turning back. I’ve had my last dance.

Fish (100) Exact
When I was young, maybe ‘bout nine, I ‘member that ole swing Daddy built an’ swingin’ to high heaven. On that swing, I found myself thinkin’ ‘bout important things. At home the only things I’d be thinkin’ of were frogs, county fairs, Momma’s apple pie and Joey Crawood. Joey was some weird, freckled-faced kid, who smelled like fish. He also used to put mud in girls’ hair. Meggie, my best friend, said Joey put more mud in my hair on account of him liking me. It was that or ‘cause he liked the way the mud clung to my braids.

Fire (125) I used 120
The side door of the van flew open and there was Rain. I figured she was around my age, but I couldn’t quite tell. Her clothes were simple; t-shirt and jeans, and she wore lots of makeup. You could tell she was a plain girl, who in all cruelty would be lucky to be considered homely. Her figure? She had none. She was as straight as an arrow, all arms and legs, her eyes a pale icy-blue. The dark mascara and liner around her eyes made their color even more stunning. And her corn-colored hair danced in the wind. Well actually, it really didn’t dance. It sort of resembled the aftermath of a brush fire, but it had its charm.

Flash in the Pan: Happiness

I met my best friend while putting out a fire, or so I thought. Smoke was coming from my neighbor’s cellar. I ran over and felt the door. It wasn’t hot, so I figured I could handle it and be a hero. Their hose was nearby. I went over, turned it on, threw the door open and wildly sprayed that water.

“What the hell!” someone shouted.

I never saw that girl sitting on the steps. There she was though, hair stuck to her face, mascara running and a broken-wet cigarette dangling from her mouth. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Something funny?” she yelled.

“Aren’t you a little young…” I started to say.

“I’m twelve, thank you!” she said angrily while moving the hair out of her eyes. “My name’s Happiness too. If you got something to say about that, I’ll kick your ass.”

“No.” I smiled. “I think we’re good.”

This was inspired by: M3 Flash Challenge
Word Limit: 150
My word count: 150

Flash in the Pan: Lonely

That day will stay in my brain forever. I was outside in the yard helping mom with the garden. I heard this loud backfire, like a gun or something. It made me jump. Then a crazy looking hippy-van pulled up next door. Smoke was coming from the hood and there was music loud enough to wake the dead.

I remember stories I’d heard about strange people coming to small, lonely towns like mine, and the horrible things they’d do. Nothing exciting ever happens here. Death happens, but never by murder. It’s caused by old age or some type of farm accident. You know, like being stabbed with a pitchfork or getting shredded by a plow machine. I just figured those folks must be lost. As I ran to peer over the gate between our two yards, I crossed my fingers and prayed a kid would come out of that van.

This post was inspired by: M3 Flash Challenge

The word is: LONELY with 150 word count

My word count is: 150

Flash in the Pan: Book

After leaving his family, Charlie came home to only a note.


Thanks for getting milk. It would’ve been nice if you brought it back before you left. Don’t worry about the kids or feel guilty. They only cry for you every night. Michael’s therapy is coming along. The shrink says he might be able to drink milk again. Thanks for giving our son a milk phobia.

In all sincerity. I understand the need to find yourself, because the guy who lived here was worthless.  I do hope your journey brought you many things, since the things you left, have been burned. Your book is sitting in the toilet though. Apparently, it’s not good enough to burn.

Love ya to lots of little pieces,



This post was inspired by: M3 Flash Fiction Challenge. The word is book, with a word limit of 125. My count is 125 words.

Flash in the Pan: “Finish Line Crawler”

Word: IDEA (150 word max)

Mr. Wolf was a real bully. He didn’t have any friends, and his family disowned him. Supposedly, he ate some old lady in the next county over, which isn’t frowned upon if one is starving, but it was a domestic dispute. There were rumors about her granddaughter and a restraining order.

Mr. Wolf had no social life, on account of the fact that no one wanted to be social with him. Therefore, he had plenty of time for career planning.  He took some business courses and attended “get rich quick” seminars. Eventually, he got into real estate. He bought up most of the town and became a slumlord. Life was pretty good, until those damned little pigs came to town. Then, he got an idea, which would lead to a whole world of trouble for Mr. Wolf.

This was inspired by M3 Flash Challenge. This piece contains 137 words.

Word: DINNER (125 word max)

I should’ve paid more attention. Perhaps then, I could’ve cheated death.

From the first moment of takeoff, everything was perfect. I was caressing the air and gliding with ease. I forgot the dangers of flying.

First, I flew upside down, then sideways. Suddenly, while in the middle of my triple loop, I felt myself losing control. Fear grew inside of me as I neared the lava-like liquid below. Once in, I would surely be a goner.

I hit! The heat danced around me with no escape. My skin bubbled as the scalding liquid ate through me. It was sheer  torture, and I knew it would be over soon. I was being cooked alive in someone’s dinner. Why did I have to be born a fly?

This was inspired by M3 Flash Challenge. This piece contains  125 words.

Flash in the Pan: Vise/Vice

My wife just couldn’t accept the inevitable. Time moves on. We age and we grow. The twins were no exception. As much as she wanted them to stay their perfect and cute size, it wasn’t going to happen.  Time passed, just like I told her it would. New growth spurts occurred with every birthday, but she couldn’t adjust.

“I’ve never seen you so upset,” I said to my wife as I embraced her. “It’s natural sweetheart. Please stop crying.”

“But….Things will never be the same. I can barely breathe,” she said as she gasped for air.

“Sweetie,” I said. ”Fat happens. I’ll just get the vise. Before you know it, you’ll be back into that size thirty-six bra and then we’ll work on those jeans.”

“You’re such an ass,” she said. “Why does your one vice have to be brutal honesty?”


This was another M3 Flash Fiction Challenge, using vice and/or vise and a 150 word limit. This work has a 141 word count.

Flash in the Pan: Company

Through the window, the moon’s faint light shone in a corner of the room. There lay an elderly man upon a wooden bed. Death seemed to blanket him, except for the noticeable uplift of his chest every few seconds. His frail frame twitched and twitched again. His discomfort was quite evident by his unconscious motions.

His eyelids opened suddenly, staring into the darkness. Realizing he left the window partly open, he arose with the greatest of effort. A chill ran through him as he proceeded towards the window. With every step, one could hear the floorboards creak in harmony with his stiff joints.

Reaching the window with shaking fingers, he pressed firmly on its frame. For a moment he stood still, as if to recover from his prolonged journey. Suddenly, he heard tapping at the door. Finally, the company had arrived to deliver him from his chilling hell.

This post was inspired by: M3 Flash Fiction Challenge.  The word is company, with a word limit of 150. My count is 148 words.