I’m an Aries and this stuff……

Existing in my small town: I am currently settling into my 40’s. I share my crazy life with my husband and four children. Three of the children are cursed with my DNA and the other is blessed to only be related to me through marriage. I stay home with our special needs son. He’s amazing. It’s the other three that need the attention. On any given day you can come into my home and witness bad hair days, diva moments and attempts at “gangster” back talk. They have their own special need to drive me insane. On a serious note, our baby has down syndrome. I can honestly say that this has not put stress on our home, but rather made it a more compassionate loving one. At least, that’s how it should be. Maybe 75/20 with love a bit ahead of compassion. Kids will be kids. We’re working on it.

46 thoughts on “I’m an Aries and this stuff……

    • Thanks for the praise. I love to be enjoyed. That really sounded inappropriate, didn’t it?
      Of course, rotten tomatos thrown at a computer screen only hurt your computer….not mine.

    • Yeah, I figure there’s just enough info to seem somewhat interesting or at least, not totally boring….BUT…..not enough to scare anyone away. I’ll let the postings do that.


    • First: Thanks for coming by and exploring my crazy mind…I mean blog.
      Second: I appreciate the kind words, although you were overly generous, but I’ll take it anyway.
      Thirdly: You are a liar. I went over to your blog and you are an excellent writer with a lot to share. Don’t be offended…I like liars.

  1. Lorre, thanks for touring my blog today and leaving so many comments. I appreciate you and your comments, greatly. Have a day of all joy with the kiddies and the hubby. HF

  2. I noticed you took your awards page down, but I nominated you for the Sunshine Award anyway. If you care, check out my site for the link.

      • That’s why I said, “if you’re interested.” I know you’re a very busy lady nowadays and don’t have time to blog like you used to, but wanted you to know you’re still a damn good writer.

        If don’t get around to it, no big deal.

    • Thank you so much for saying so. I appreciate you stopping by and taking an interest….and more importantly…..not being disappointed.

  3. Are you still being good or have you decided that
    naughty is the best policy? ;) :) Well I only said :) lol

    I hope your week is running smoothly so far ;)

    Androgoth XXx

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